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Product Name£ºLED Gas Price Sign
Product Model£ºDL8DP2FHK1R0
Screen Dimension£º500*250*55mm
Display Dimension£º8
Border material£ºCold rolled steel
Control£ºWireless console

LED gas price sign features:

¡ô Via hundreds of tests and detail improvements , and after the second replacement and upgrading,
¡¡ our led gas price sign is working very stable¡£
¡ô All our LED gas price sign are used high brightness, wide viewing angle LED lights,
¡¡ therefore even under direct sunlight it can also have a clear display effect¡£
¡ô With PWM dimming brightness function.There are three adjusting brightness methods£»A¡¢automatically
¡¡ adjusted by the environment£»B¡¢ by wireless remote control£» C¡¢by computer software¡£
¡ô Multiple control methods : A¡¢by 100 meter wireless RF remote control; B¡¢by infrared remote control£»
¡¡ C¡¢by computer software£» D¡¢with external GPRS, via remote computer control¡£
¡ô With fully sealed segment display structure, it can achieve IP67 protection rating¡£
¡ô All circuit boards are used double-deck PCB, it can validly reduce bad welding¡£
¡ô All material are passed high and low temperature test , the products can operate steadily
¡¡ between - 30¡ãC - 75 ¡ãC ¡£
¡ô The cases are made with stainless steel, the covers are used high temperature flame plating£¬
¡¡ thus the product appearance can keep lasting pretty¡£
¡ô Standard digit heights available for 8 "¡¢10 "¡¢12 "¡¢20"¡¢24 " £¬can meet most customers'
¡¡ requirements£¬and we can also customised other size¡£
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