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Product Name£ºLED Bank Exchange Rate Display
Product Model£ºDL8DP6BE12R0
Screen Dimension£º60*50*7cm
Display Dimension£º0.5¡å
Border material£ºAluminum alloy
Control£ºWireless console

Features of exchange rate display board£º

¡ô Wide range of power input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, can be used within any country;
¡ô Using pressure aluminum frame structure for the case, which makes it lighter, and looks beautiful
¡¡ generous. (Supports a variety of fixation)
¡ô Setting the date, time and currency by computer software and wireless remote control.
¡ô Using red LED digit for display, (red, green, or both red&green digit optional)
¡ô Product parameter setting by PC keypad or remote control.
¡ô Communication Function: TCP / IP network connection or 485, the computer can read and send the
¡¡ data to display panel (can supply communication protocol and developed upper computer software)
¡ô Display board size: 600mm * 500mm * 70mm ( size can be customised, viewing distance: 10-100m)
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